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News Flash Achives

7/9/16 Television champion Louis G. Rich earned himself a Unified title match against the champion Marc Angel, when he defeated Angel, by questionable means. 

9/28/15 This past Saturday night, Unified champion Marc Angel withstood the challenge from newcomer Andd Bivians, by defeating him in an outstanding match. This Saturday night features a “Loser Leaves Town” match, in a rivalry that has stretched over a decade. Former five time Unified champion E.L. Stanley Esq., faces off against “Bodysnatcher” Sam Jones. Both competitors have held multiple championships in the company, and now their feud will finally come to an end.   Who will be forced to leave the company and who will stay? 

9/22/15 Andd Bivians will be taking advantage of the open door policy, when he challenges the Unified champion Marc Angel, in a non title match this Saturday night. Will Bivians shock the wrestling fans in Milford Delaware, by upsetting the reigning champion? Or will Angel prove why he is the Unified champion? Join us this Saturday night for a great night of professional wrestling, as we join forces with First State Championship Wrestling. We hope to see you there!

8/31/15 Marc Angel successfully defended his newly won Unified title, against former champion E.L. Stanley Esquire, in Milford Delaware. Who will be the next person to challenge Marc Angel, for the Unified title? More information will be released as it becomes available.

8/24/15 This past Saturday night the team of the Television champion Louis G. Rich and E.L. Stanley Esq., defeated Unified champion Marc Angel and Massive Mike. Louis G. Rich after the match, told officials that he has his eye on Marc  Angel, and the Unified championship. Unified champion Marc Angel has injured after the match, due to the post match altercation. Angel was taken to a nearby medical center. 

3/16/15   Unified champion E.L. Stanley Esq. has accepted the challenge Marc Angel, but it will be a non-title match, as stipulated by Stanley. The rivalry started when Angel came to the aid of Massive Mike, after his match with Stanley, before he was able to inflict any more damage. Will Angel proves he has what it takes to defeat the five time Unified champion? Or will Stanley withstand the onslaught from Angel? Join us as we join forces with Power Pro Wrestling, on April 11th in Milford Delaware, to present a great evening of professional wrestling!

12/5/14  Massive Mike has exercised his rematch clause, and he will challenge the new five time Unified champion E.L. Stanley Esq., on December 13th in Milford Delaware. Will Mike become a four time champion, or will Stanley prove he is the greatest Unified champion in Maximum Championship Wrestling history?

11/24/14 The Board of Directors received a open contract from Louis G. Rich, challenging anyone on the roster, to step into the ring with him on December 13th in Milford Delaware.

10/6/14 The M.C.W. Board of Directors has signed a “Final Encounter” match, for the M.C.W. Cruiserweight championship, on October 25th in Felton Delaware.  The new Cruiserweight champion “The Legendary Taste” Stan Stylez will defend the title against Marc Angel.  The two competitors have battled over the Cruiserweight championship all over the state of Delaware, and it will all come to an end on October 25h. Who will leave Felton Delaware the Cruiserweight champion? Join us as we join forces with First State Championship Wrestling to present a great evening of professional wrestling.

9/28/14  The "Legendary Taste" Stan Stylez defeated Marc Angel to become the new M.C.W. Cruiserweight champion, in a No Disqualification match.

12/12/13 Marc Angel has had his possessions, wrestling gear, and M.C.W. Cruiserweight title taken away from him by Oz Tyler and now Angel will lay it all on the line this Saturday. Angel has vowed to leave Maximum Championship Wrestling, if he doesn’t defeat Tyler for the Cruiserweight title.

12/4/13 Louis G. Rich called up the Board of Directors, demanding a title shot, and he doesn’t care who it is. The Board has decided to grant Rich a title shot, and it will be against Television champion Shaka. Will Rich finally win his first singles championship, or will Shaka continue his dominance?

11/2/13 Oz Tyler is still refusing to defend his Cruiserweight title against Marc Angel in a singles match, but has agreed to defend his title in a Triple Treat Match, next week in Milford Delaware. Tyler will defend his title against Xavier (with his agent Loudy) and former champion Marc Angel. Will Angel finally regain his title? Will Xavier pull off the upset and become the Cruiserweight champion for the first time? Join us next week as we partner with First State Championship Wrestling, to present a great afternoon of professional wrestling! We hope to see you there!

10/2/13 Oz Tyler's plan to hurt Marc Angel with his hired hand Benn Rivers backfired, as Angel was victorious in their match up. Angel has vowed to regain his Cruiserweight title, and now has gone into serious training for his pending rematch.

2/26/13 The M.C.W. Television champion Monster Myers defeated former M.C.W. champion Shaka, shocking the wrestling world. Shaka requested one more chance at championship, and Monster Myers has agreed to the match,  now they will battle one last time for the M.C.W. Television title. Also on that night M.C.W. Cruiserweight champion Marc Angel continued his winning streak, as he defeated M.C.W. newcomer Xavier, in a great Cruiserweight match.

1/19/13 The M.C.W. Board of Directors has granted Shaka a rematch for the M.C.W. Television title against Monster Myers, with the stipulation that if Myers is counted out or disqualified, he will lose the Television title. The match will take place on Feburary 23rd in Ellendale DE, when we join forces with Power Pro Wrestling.

12/3/12 Monster Myers retained his Television title on December 1st in Ellendale DE, but Shaka is not happy the way he did it. Shaka was closing in on becoming the Television champion, but Myers bailed out of the ring, and he was counted out of the match. Shaka has contacted the M.C.W. Board of Directors, and they will render a decision soon, on Shaka’s request for an immediate rematch for the Television title. Also that night “The Dark Angel” Marky M retained his Cruiserweight title, by defeating M.C.W. newcomer Drew Blood.

11/25/12 M.C.W. Television champion Monster Myers, attacked M.C.W. original Shaka last month for no apparent reason, and now Shaka will have his opportunity for revenge. Shaka will challenge for the Television title, when he faces Monster Myers on December 1st in Ellendale DE. Will Shaka add the Television title to his long list of championships in M.C.W.?